Immobel will put your marketing message in front of 90% of the buyers in the world. No one else can do that.

This is how the rest of the world sees the internet, and what they see when they go to their own local Google to search for real estate.
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If they do not find you here, they may never find you at all.

Immobel will put you there. It's what we do.

Consider this:
Realtors spend about 5 billion dollars per year marketing themselves and their listings. More than 99% of that investment is in English language media, much of it online.

But only 29% of all viewers on the internet are using the English language to search inline.

71% are using other languages.

It is clear that if you are only marketing to 29% of all possible buyers, you are missing a lot of opportunity.

Only 32% of Realtors ever deal with an international buyer. But those who do take home a share of the 2.6 billion dollars that is generated in commissions every year from sales to international buyers.

Immobel will take your marketing message to the world.

Our global marketing products and services make it easy to reach buyers wherever they are, even if they never look at the internet in English. We simply put you where the buyers are.

This is how we put your message in front of 90% of the potential buyers in the world.

  • Your listings may be shown through the Global Listing Exchange on the websites of real estate professionals around the world, giving you hundreds of thousands of highly motivated selling agents, eager to find a buyer for your listings and refer them to you.

  • You will get qualified referrals from other real estate professionals around the world through the Global Referral Network, a 500,000 member powerhouse of opportunity.

  • Your listings will be found on search engines around the world.

  • Your listings will be translated so they can be understood internationally.

  • You will have foreign language content for your own website, so it can be found by international search engines.

Or you can market to 29% of the buyers in the world and leave it at that.

With Immobel, the choice is yours.

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Welcome to Immobel, where the World does Business.